I just saw this fabulous photo on the Lilly blog, and I had to share it. The two little dogs wearing Lilly bandanas are just too cute! I have two adorable white Bichon Frise dogs, Daisy & Chloe, and we always dress them in bandanas and preppy collars to go with the season. I will have to find them some Lilly ones now!
Daisy actually had puppies a few weeks ago, so I’ve also posted some pictures the breeder just sent me yesterday. I think they’re just precious!

5 responses to “Lilly for Puppies!

  1. Yes, these are just darling. I’m using Lilly bandannas as napkins for my Lilly tablescape on Wednesday and afterwards I’m definitely monogramming one for my little Yorkie!

  2. Hi there, your blog is so cute. I posted the same Lilly Westie pic on my blog the other day..so cute. The puppy picture you posted is so adorable. I have having my very first giveaway on my blog-a necklace that looks right up your alley, you should check it out! http://www.kristinpearce.blogspot.com
    Have a great week! So jealous you are going to New York. I am dying to meet Hopsy!
    🙂 kristin

  3. Ohh I am SO JEALOUS.. I have a bischon at home but I’m away at school and miss her terribly!!

    I saw this post the day it came out on Lilly and it made me homesick for my puppy too!

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