It has been the most colorful past 24-hours! My days have been painted pink & green with Lilly! Beginning with the fabulous VIP Lilly party at the Madison Avenue townhouse the night before the show, all the way to watching Martha wear one of the new summer ’09 Lilly prints, getting to know so many fellow bloggers, and meeting Joanna, Emilie, & all the other wonderful people from Lilly Corporate – thank you to everyone who worked to make yesterday magic! I so enjoyed getting to know everyone. Thank you to the Madison Ave store especially for hosting the fun party, and to all the Lilly worker bees who helped me pick out graduation dresses and pampered me with champagne. I also want to thank the incredible artists who were painting prints in the window. Stacy, you painted me a beautiful picture of the townhouse that will soon be framed and hanging in my bedroom. It is such a special memory!

Thank you Hopsy for hosting the pre-party getogether for all of us bloggers. I’m brand new to the blogging community, but you were all so kind and friendly, and I loved meeting you Helen, as well as Kate and Patricia from DC (we’ll have to get together again soon!), KAG, Blaire, Lou Lou in Lilly, and everyone else. More to come soon! xoxo MellyLil

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  1. You looked absolutely adorable!!! I am loving alll the pictures … its the next best thing to being there myself. Thanks for sharing and SOOOO thrilled you had a blast. If I had been there, I would have needed to bring a medic … I would OD w/ Lilly and Lilly Lovers!!! Xoxo-BLC

  2. OOOH!! I am so glad you posted on my blog bc I was worried I’d be like cinderella with a lost shoe (you) and not find you again!!
    yes you are coming to dc and we will play and introduce to all the wonderful dc blogger girls. and my husband will love having a cornellian to hang with !! I am so glad you and your mom had fun and that you got lots of fun treats.. I did some damage, too xo

  3. I am so jealous! I wish I could have gone. What a fabulous time you all had! I watched the show yesterday and thought it was wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You and your mom are too cute Melanie! I am SO thrilled we got to finally meet in real life. I just knew we would hit it off after emailing you. I am just sorry we did not get to catch for longer nor did we run into one another yesterday! Also, I pointed you out to A, but I am not sure you all got to ctach about the Cornell connection. Perhaps we can play in the city this summer if you happen to make a trip? I am thrilled to hear you shopped and took in all the pink and green in style. PLEASE do keep in touch Melanie, I have the feeling this could be the start of a GREAT friendship!

  5. I’m thinking you probably meant LuLu from Dirty Martini Diaries because I wasn’t there hehe (ohh how I wish I was though!) I’m so happy you had a fabulous time, your pictures are adorable. I do hope we get to meet in real life soon, I’m moving to D.C as soon as I graduate! xoxo

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