Thank you so very much to The Company She Keeps and DCPrep for tagging me with the Kreative Blogger award! This is my first time getting any kind of thing like this! 

This absolutely made my day, for unfortunately I’ve been sick with the flu the past five days, ever since getting back from the Lilly show. I must be very lucky on today St. Patrick’s day!

How fun! Here are my seven favorites:

1) Northeast Harbor, MDI. 2) sundress on a summer day. 3) hosting dinner parties & decorating cupcakes. 4) kate spade, ever since the very first original box bag. 5) champagne and white reisling. 6) bows & ribbon. 7) tulips. 
Does anybody know how long you wait to tag seven favorite blogs? Shall I do it right away? There are so many inspirational daily reads of mine, it will be impossible to choose! Forgive me, but I’m new at this!

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