I’m so sorry I didn’t post about this until now, but for the rest of March (only today!) Kate Spade is having a special family & friends discount of 30%. Enjoy!

Also I wanted to let everyone know about some very special upcoming events with Tim Gun. Kate Spade is having him in-store in select cities across America. I hope you’re lucky enough to live in a city where is will be coming, as sadly he will not be coming to Washington. I hope some of you will be able to make the events. If you purchase $100, you can get your photograph taken with Mr. Gunn. 
The Calendar:
Nashville, April 2
Chicago, April 16
Dallas, April 29-30
Aventura, May 14
Ft. Lauderdale, May 15
Boca Raton, May 16
RSVP to 212-626-1500.

6 responses to “KS Special Family & Friends Event

  1. Not coming to DC. 🙁 Oh, well.

    I actually used my 30% off on Saturday to buy some darling quilted ballet flats! I love a good buy!

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