This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Mackenzie-Childs plantation, and it was a dream! I’ve loved Mackenzie-Childs for much of my life because the designs are so unique, whimsical, and colorful. I delightedly found out that the farm where it was founded is just a forty-five minute drive from Cornell. It is located in the beautiful lakeside town of Aurora, NY, a place Pleasant T. Rowland (the creator of American Girl Co.) lovingly restored and preserved. Pleasant acquired Mackenzie-Childs in 2000 and owned it until 2008. Aurora is an idyllic village with population of a couple hundred people. It feels like it came straight out of one of the American Girl Doll books! If you ever get a chance to visit, you must stay at the lovely Aurora Inn or it’s sister, the E.B. Morgan House. My family has dinner reservations there on graduation weekend because it is so beautiful. If you stay at the E.B. Morgan House, you will see that it is decorated throughout with Mackenzie-Childs housewares and furniture, even the kitchen!

So while I was at Mackenzie-Childs, I was given a wonderful private tour of the Farmhouse, which Mackenzie-Childs designed and decorated top-to-bottom to be a fully functional B&B, but in fact nobody has ever stayed there and instead they just give tours of it. Pictures are not allowed because the designs are very exclusive, but all I can tell you is that I felt like I died and floated up to heaven! My dream is someday to have my own Mackenzie-Childs custom tiled kitchen or bath, and at the farmhouse was the most beautiful examples that are absolutely awe-inspiring. The Showroom is equally incredible. I spent a full three hours shopping there, and I did snap photographs of the pieces there. View these amazing pictures!

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