Happy Easter, my dear friends! Today is a sparkling sunny day in Washington, DC, although quite chilly so I’ve been a bit nippy in my Lilly shift at church this morning. My family went to the National Cathedral for the Easter Service, and it was beautiful as usual. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful place to worship. The Girls Choir sounded beautiful, and Dean Lloyd gave a wonderful sermon. My brother is up at college in Vermont and sadly wasn’t able to make it home this Easter, but I sat with my parents and had a very special morning. This afternoon we are hosting all our our extended family on my father’s side for Easter Dinner. I must keep this post short because guests are to arrive at 3:30! It will be lovely to see my cousins whom I haven’t seen in a long time. To begin with we’re toasting a Happy Easter this afternoon with Grapefruit Spritzers – my mom and I kind of made of the recipe, but it’s a grapefruit twist on delicious white wine sangria.  Happy Easter to you all!

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