This weekend the Cornell Men’s Lacrosse team is having their annual 21Run, a 5K held in memory of the late George Boiardi, #21 and former captain of the Cornell Lacrosse team, who was tragically killed in a lacrosse game in 2004. The goal of the “21 Run” is to remember George and continue his selfless vision by raising money to promote children’s literacy. All proceeds from the even go to the Family Reading Partnership.

I will be working there representing Vineyard Vines as the Cornell Whale Rep. I’m happy to say I had the idea for Vineyard Vines to sponsor this event, and so they are for the first time. Everyone in the winners circle will be receiving lacrosse ties and tote bags! It will be a wonderful way for the VV brand to gain broader exposure up here at Cornell.
I am also very happy that Tucker Blair has decided to participate in the event by sending up some marketing materials. Taylor Llewelyn, founder and CEO, contacted me about recruiting a Cornell rep for TB, and when I mentioned the even to him we discovered that his friends knew George from high school (Landon). Today Taylor sent me two beautiful needlepoint headbands to spread the word. It was a lovely surprise, thank you Taylor! I hope everyone has a happy Friday tomorrow. More to come soon.

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  1. I went to school with George’s sisters, and I remember being shocked when I heard what happened. I’m glad they’re keeping his memory alive at Cornell (and raising awareness/funds for family literacy. Good for you for doing your part to help out!

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