Happy Derby Day to all my readers! It’s off to the races! I hope each and every one of you gets to enjoy something minty this afternoon. I adore the concept of a mint julep – from the mint sprig to the silver julep cup (I use one for my pens & pencils), but I’ve never learned to like the taste of Bourbon. I think I will be sipping a mojito instead, as well as some mint-infused iced tea. My father passed along his recipe for a traditional mint julep, so I thought I’d share it with you all. The recipe was given to him when he played a concert one spring with the Lexington, Kentucky orchestra! It follows: 
One Mint Julep (Lexington, KE Orchestra Recipe)

Chill silver julep cup. 

Place 4-5 mint leaves in cup. 

Muddle with

   one tsp. powdered sugar

   one tsp. water

Fill cup with crushed ice.

Pour in 1 jigger of bourbon whiskey.

Stir energetically until ice has dropped 1 to 2 inches and frost appears.

Then fill remainder of julep cup with crushed ice, and pour in 1 jigger of bourbon whiskey.

Decorate the julep with springs of mint leaves dusted with powdered sugar.

Slip very slowly!

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