On Friday I went to the Lilly Warehouse sale, and it was fun although I’ll know for next time that the real most amazing only happen on the first day. I will definitely keep this in mind for the Fall Sale. Nonetheless, I was happy to score some lovely new items. Some of my favorites, Newbury Tunic and Betsey dress:
I couldn’t resist this tie for my dad for Father’s Day!

11 responses to “Lilly Warehouse Sale

  1. Glad you got some cute things. The fall sale is not as crowded or crazy on the first day as the spring sale. We are going to get the preppy bloggers together the first day of the sale in the fall. Stay tuned!

  2. What great finds and what a darling photo with mother dearest! I am glad you had such a fun time and am crossing my fingers we can attend the next sale together.

  3. I went to the Sale as well!! It was amazing! My friend and I actually got to go a day early, but we went back on friday to check things out! Try to get there early because there truely was a difference! xoxo

    love your blog!!

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