Quote of the day: “With great cupcakes comes great responsibility.” – E.

So I know I haven’t posted in a week, but my first post back now must be about the most adorable and delicious cupcakerie on Martha’s Vineyard. I mentioned Sweet E’s in my previous post, but I really must tell you again that it’s a must-stop venue for anyone visiting the island this summer. It’s located on Main St. in Vineyard Haven, and Ezra (the owner) bakes dozens of cupcakes early every morning to sell in his gorgeous cupcake boutique throughout the day. I had to visit four times while I was there, and the cupcakes on the last day were topped with the most divine fluffy frosting I’ve ever tasted – black cherry cupcakes! Even the guys in shirts and ties were taking an afternoon break from the office to come in and grab a treat. They were more than memorable. Please visit him on facebook, where he posts updates the daily flavor and fans can keep track of what Sweet E’s is up to.

6 responses to “Sweet E’s Cupcakes

  1. My mom and dad have fallen in love with that place this summer! I don't know if a week has gone by that they haven't stopped there.

    I miss the summer house now…darn growing up and moving South!

  2. I love Sweet E's! I could use one of their cupcakes right about now! I also like your outfit in the picture, are you wearing a polo dress?

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