I just had the most fabulous online grocery experience of my life – well, that is ever since Balducci’s closed last week! Last week when the Foxhall branch of Balducci’s had their last day of business, my best friend and I went shopping at the closing hour and bargained for all their remaining wine…and their last 7 lbs of shrimp!! As sad as I was to see them close their doors in D.C., it was a fun little shopping trip. However, this experience was topped this afternoon when into my inbox popped an announcement about the most stylish carton of orange juice I’ve ever set eyes on – Lilly Florida’s Natural! I usually don’t buy orange juice at the grocery store, but who could resist a Lilly Pulitzer to brighten the refrigerator. The best part of all is that the proceeds will benefit breast cancer research. Soon to be rolled out at a grocery store near you!

10 responses to “Lilly Pulitzer: Harkening Back to the Original Juice Stand

  1. I heard about this & forgot about it. I'm always stuck w/Minute maid for kids. I'll have to check this out! Any excuse for a little more Lilly!!

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