It was quite ironic for me that this morning’s Home section of the Post cited Making It Lovely blog for its post “Picking Perfect Pink Paint.” Just yesterday I popped the can on my Fifth quart of brand new paint that I’ve tested in my quest to find the perfect pink-without-being-pink bedroom wall color. I’ve been testing colors for weeks, and the painters are in the house right now so I must decide quickly. When I was a little girl my bedroom was pink, and when I redecorated my room in middle school in a pale crystal blue, I swore I would never have pink walls again…..that is until last summer when I saw my friend’s Chevy Chase living room painted the most gorgeous soft pink, the kind that is at once sophisticated and shabby-chic, enveloping you in a little aura of comfort (the color was Dogwood White by SW). I realized that as long as the hue is in no way “candy” that pink walls can be quite successful.
My bedroom makeover inspiration continued with these images from a House Beautiful article:
This paint color is also Dogwood White!
However, when I tested dogwood white in my bedroom the hue was absolutely wrong with my Restoration Hardware pink/brown duvet. It appeared much darker and more candy-heart pink than in these photogrpahs. My room is about 12×15, and I think it takes a larger expanse of space to make the color appear less saturated. Meanwhile my godmother, who is just moved into a townhouse over in Chevy Chase Lake, decided her paint colors and recommended I use Benjamin Moore Frosted Petal, which she is putting on her bedroom ceiling with celery salt walls. Excitedly I tried this color on my walls, and it also read too dark and the wrong tone.
So feeling very discouraged at the paint store the other day, I found another article from House Beautiful featuring a living room by Steven Shubel with walls painted Benjamin Moore Bridal Pink. These walls appeared to have the warmer, slightly more peach tendency I believe my room needs:

I first tried this color out at 25%, but it was way too light. I’ve found that 75% Bridal Pink is absolutely the perfect color for me! This is my bedding:
I am adding this chocolate brown coverlet and standard shams to my ensemble during the winter to add a little weight to all the white:

If anyone else has Restoration Hardware linens from their Italian Bedding collection last year or an linens from RHBaby’s new line of petal pink/chocolate brown, this color will be perfect. I have tried the RH’s petal pink paint, and while it is a beautiful hue it is quite saturated and you cannot get a custom lower percent paint from them, so this is a nice alternative.
NOW…….After all this, I loved the effect of the pink ceiling. I’m torn between bridal pink walls with a ___?___ (pale aqua? pale green? pale silver?) ceiling OR if I should paint my walls white or celery salt with a bridal pink ceiling. If I do go with pink walls, I will paint the ceiling a light green or blue and tie it into the rest of the room probably by adding a boudoir pillow in a print that has brown, pink, and also this tertiary color in it. Up for consideration:
(from Pine Cone Hill)
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!

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