Ever since founder Taylor Llewellyn first mentioned coming out with needlepoint dog collars, I’ve been very excited to see this product for pooches. Well the collars have finally launched, and they’re available in three beautiful patterns: Nautical Flags, Lobsters, and American Flags. The needlepoint look is relaxed, at the same time sophisticated. Each collar is 1″ wide. These three styles come in three sizes: S (17″), M (20″), L (23″), and they are adjustable, so whether you have a little dog or a big guy, you will be able to find the perfect fit. I’d love to see my two dogs wearing matching TB collars and running around on this beach!

I have the lobster needlepoint design in a headband, and I’ve loved wearing it because of its impeccable quality and hand stitching. The quality shines through the same way in these dog collars. Every collar is individually handcrafted with 100% wool stitching by the Tucker Blair needle workers, who work closely with the Tucker Blair designers to ensure detail and design accuracy. The needlepoint is backed on dark brown full grain leather, clasped with a shining silver buckle. By buying your dog a TB collar, your are investing in a truly unique piece.

My favorite part about this company is the approach they take to managing their business. They do not have bricks-and-mortar stores, but rather they distribute online and through word of mouth referrals – which really is the best way I believe to find out about the most unique products regardless. Taylor and the others at Tucker Blair want to ensure that your shopping experience is the best it could be. They are available online, on the phone, and by email to answer any questions and help you out in any way they can. I hope you take a peek at their great products, because you are sure to be beyond satisfied.

To visit Tucker Blair’s online store, please click the link:

6 responses to “Tucker Blair – Dog Collars are In!

  1. What great dog collars and they look chic and sturdy, which is a necessity for my active preppy pooch! You do such a great job of finding fun, preppy, new to me brands… thanks!

  2. I have only heard negative things about their customer service. I personally read an example (regarding a headband issue) in a letter & I will not buy from them.

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