A few weeks ago I posted about the wonderful Bungalow company. Since then I attended another fantastic event hosted by Deb Johns, Bungalow’s founder. Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase, a true neighborhood institution that kindly supports local charity events, was the venue for Deb’s “Dedicated to the Cause, Dedicated to Denim” event. Last Tuesday Oct. 27, women in Washington wore their jeans and enjoyed morning coffee or evening cocktails while Deb Johns showed us how to freshen up, dress up and lift up our denim. “Denim is the new little black pant!” Deb said, and she showed us all new stylish ways to wear and coordinate them with investment staples.

The event was to benefit the Breast Cancer Care Foundation, a Washington organization whose mission is to facilitate access to breast cancer care and ancillary services for women and men in the Washington, DC metropolitan area who are underserved, uninsured, or otherwise have insufficient financial resources for comprehensive breast health care. BCCF helps bridge the gap when other programs and resources have been exhausted. BCCF was founded in 1999 by three compassionate Washington women: Jean M. Lynn (Program Director, National Cancer Institute), Shawna C. Willey (Chief of Breast Surgery Director, Betty Lou Ourisman Breast Health Center at Georgetown University Medical Center), and Julianne Greenberg (Director of Mammography, Washington Radiology Associates).

All proceeds from the event tickets and 5% of Saks’ sales went to benefit the BCCF.

Deb Johns gives a Washington woman style tips

BCCF Board of Director Becky Broers Quinn

Guests having fun

Becky Quinn with guests

Attendees minging

Deb gives some hands-on wardrobe guidance!

Two Bungalow employees pose with Becky Quinn
Dedicated to Denim

Bungalow party favors!

Dedicated to the cause

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