The Daily Candy edition in Washington today featured a company called The2Bandits that sells a new creative product I love! Have you ever wished you could add some flair to your boots? Sure you can add variety and color to those rainy days by wearing fun socks under your Hunter Wellies, but how about these delightful Bandits for adding variety and spice to your favorite pair of boots. You just slide the Bandits over the top of your boots and then adjust and tighten over any sized boot.
2Bandit was founded in 2005 by an entrepreneurial pair of friends named Erica Chan and Tamar Wider, who were working the jewelry industry in New York City. The innovative idea behind Bandits was spawned during an effort to add life and versatility to any wardrobe, by dressing up your favorite pair of boots! Each pair of Bandits is handcrafted with the finest fabrics and brass details. Check out the collection here.

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