I’m delighted to announce that Georgetown Cupcake will be coming to your television screen in a few months! TLC is doing a special series on the cupcake sisters that will follow the lives of founders Katherine Kallinis and Sophie LaMontagne as they build and promote their blossoming cupcake business. Filming began in Washington Friday and will continue throughout the spring. Customers are still allowed inside during the taping, as the store remains open, but a sign at the door advises them they are entering the “videotaping for a television program” and by doing so are consenting to appear in the show “without compensation throughout the universe.” Cupcake Sisters is planned to air in the summer on TLC.

When the tiny jewel box cupcakerie opened two years ago in a small townhouse in Georgetown, it was an instant hit, spawning lines around the block. Within months, the sisters were making as many as five thousand cupcakes every day! Now they have expanded to a larger location fronting on M street in Georgetown as well as opening a location in Bethesda. They even ship cupcakes around the country!

The idea behind the new tv show is to show the dynamics of running a fast-paced bakery. Customers on the outside see the pretty cupcakes in the cute shops, but the show will aim to reveal the inside scoop on what it takes to run a business. The film crew will join the sisters at charity events where they build sculptures out of cupcakes and listen in as they make tough decisions about how to grow their family-run business. While this will be a reality tv show, it seems like it will be a departure from the catfights and backstabbing so often seen on those sorts of shows and rather be entertaining and inspiring. Kallinis admits, however, that there might be a little sprinkle throwing! Stay tuned for what promises to be this fall’s sweetest new show.

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