I’ve written about the story of Georgetown Cupcake before, and now it’s finally time for the premiere of their DC Cupcakes show I’ve been awaiting since last October! For anyone with an interest in female entrepreneurship, the restaurant industry, or baking and the bourgeoning cupcake trend that’s taken the world by storm, you really must watch tonight for what promises to be a fun and inspiring 6-episode summer series. DC Cupcakesshares the recipe to Sophie and Katherine’s sweet success, following their journey as they navigate the challenges and rewards of building a booming cupcake business. Each half-hour episode goes beyond the frosting to capture the behind-the-scenes drama in their fast paced, family-owned bakery.

Georgetown Cupcake’s founders, sisters Sophie and Katherine, risked their life savings and traded high power careers in fashion and finance to pursue their passion for baking and their lifelong dream of opening a bakery. Armed with their grandmother’s recipes and strong family support, the sisters opened Georgetown Cupcake on Valentine’s Day 2008. To their surprise, the shop became an overnight sensation and now sells more than 5,000 cupcakes a day. Earlier this spring Georgetown Cupcakes expanded from its original tiny jewelbox location on a sidestreet in Georgetown to move into a beautiful new space on M Street. The first
additional shop outside Georgetown opened in Bethesda recently also and is equally adorable. Every weekend I’m either in Bethesda or Georgetown, so I love it never matters whether I’m able to stop off for a cupcake! Today at both locations all day long Georgetown Cupcake has been giving away free DC Cupcakes in honor of the show’s premiere. Last night there was a stunning party at the Ritz to kickoff the excitement, and since then all day long the buzz around DC has been bubblier than champagne!

To watch a glimpse of the show on TLC, click here! Stay tuned tonight at 10pm for the season Premier. Happy Cupcakes everyone!

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