I’ve just been awarded the “Sugar Doll” award! Thank you so much to Sweets and Treats
for the lovely Sugar Doll Award! Sweets and Treats joined the blogging world rather recently, as a newlywed in Baltimore who writes lovely blog about her snazzy life and love of all things sweet. 
As a recipient of this award, the rules are to share 10 things about yourself and pass on the award on to 10 others.
1I love my family more than anything in the world!

2. In the summertime I love watermelon, lemonade, and ice cream every day! My favorite thing is soft serve vanilla. I also love making milkshakes, which I try to make healthy by making them protein shakes made with frozen yogurt and chocolate soy protein powder. Such a refreshing sweet “treat”!

3. I feel so fortunate to have a wonderful job. I am an analyst for a financial consulting firm and my role is dedicated to the office of the CEO and marketing initiatives. Everyday I learn something new and inspiring on the job, and to be working in an industry that is so integrated with the current economic regulatory reform going on in Washington and on Wall St. offers exciting and challenging opportunities everyday.

4Just like the lovely Sweets and Treats wrote in her award thank you post, I have a sparklingly sizeable sweet tooth! My taste palette extends not only in traditional sweets like chocolate but also to other things like balsamic vinegar, iced tea, even in wine at times. Just as much as tasting them, I love baking treats for others and sending sweet thoughts by snail mail.

5. Also like Sweets and Treats, I love to entertain. Ever since I was little I’ve loved helping my mom throw dinner parties and plan special events. Now I love bringing together friends for lovely evenings, and I’m working on being a more relaxing hostess because I certainly do have a perfectionist tendency, and it’s always important to remember that it is being people that is the most important part. I love al fresco dinner parties and cocktail parties the best. G&Ts on the porch or dock. Nothing is better than entertaining by the water in New England in the summertime! 

6. Sweets and Treats and I must be two peas in a pod, because I too love organization. It keeps me going, inspires me, and has always come naturally for me. From color coordination to orderly files to clean cupboards, I love it all!

7I love iced coffee in the afternoon! A strong brew, sweetened, with a hint of creme please.

8. My favorite place to be is by the ocean. Truly this is where I go to come back to myself. It inspires me, centers me, and awes me everytime.

9. Summertime is my favorite season of all. I enjoy tremendously the changing of the seasons and the coming of spring, but I could spend the rest of my life in summertime 🙂

10I am astounded everyday by how fortunate and blessed I am. One of the hardest difficulties is not taking for granted all of the blessings of my life, but I believe by looking for the best in other people we see the best in the world and in ourselves.

And the winners are…

10. MRM

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  1. I think its official after this post…we MUST meet up! Let me know if you are in the Fells Point area anytime soon! Have a great Monday!

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