Down-to-earth, genuine, full of smiles — the Georgetown Cupcake founding sisters Sophie and Katherine happily take the time to truly connect with their customers face-to-face, even when the line of eager cupcake connoisseurs was stretching the entire city block back from M street last weekend. For me, it was so refreshing to see how their celebrity reputation has not tarnished their good intentions and heartfelt business whatsoever. Their show is turning the women into famous faces nationwide, yet their personalities continue to shine through, just like the success of their cupcakes and rapid growth of their business concept has never hindered the taste and quality of every cupcake that comes out of the oven.
Amidst the overabundance of distasteful reality shows airing these days, the sisters’ show DC Cupcakes stands apart as a genuine glimpse of the lives and careers of two special sisters who share the stories inside their kitchen adventures and the behind growth of their business. Watch them Fridays at 10pm, and then at 10 the next morning stop by their shop where you might just see them bringing fresh cupcakes out of the oven!

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  1. I think it was you (maybe?) who told me to visit Georgetown Cupcake when I was in DC this past January. It is hands down the most delicious and adorable cupcakes I've ever had!

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