in collaboration with kate spade new york, the famous Strand bookstore in NYC, a new york legend in the literary world, we commissioned short stories from seven female writers. we asked each author to incorporate the phrase, “she is quick and curious and playful and strong” at some point in their story. the end result is a charming collection we’re excited to share. artfully designed in a limited-edition set, it’s a lovely gift to give (or to get).

kate spade will be hosting an event at the Strand on October 27. you may pre-order a signed copy here. the set is available both at the Strand as well as in kate spade shops.

far too long has passed since I posted about ks, my favorite designer. utility, wit and playful sophistication are the hallmarks of kate spade new york. her graceful, exuberant approach to the everyday manifests itself in every piece she designs, from evening bags to tennis balls. she has thirty-six shops across the united states, and is sold in every time zone and on every continent. whether in macau or michigan, her shops are always warm and inviting.
kate brosnahan has inspired me for quite some time. her story:

the former accessories editor at mademoiselle set out in 1993 to design the sleek, utilitarian handbag she’d been craving for years, but couldn’t find on the market. along with her husband, andy spade, they launched kate spade new york. and so began a revolution in the accessories market. women and fashion editors alike quickly fell for kate’s designs, which combined utility, simple silhouettes and crisp palettes. as the company grew, its core design values were reinforced by iconic logos and modern graphic elements, establishing a visual shorthand for the brand recognizable the world over.
although kate brosnahan no longers oversees the artistic direction of the company she created, her brand has continued to blossom and the past few seasons have been simply stellar. especially lately the company has been doing some amazing things, with pop-up shops and making a second and even more stunning debut into bedding. may today’s posting be the first of a series of tributes and toasts to kate spade!

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  1. Love kate – I want to be her when I grow up. 😉 Thanks for sharing the news about the books – will definitely find out more about them.

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