Interior Design

At Melanie Gowen Design, we believe in the intelligent integration of architecture and interior design. Together these create an entire experience for someone.

Design is more than just aesthetics – it is about experiences, sensations, destinations – adding value to each interaction. We believe architecture and design should respond to each particular place, and be a natural partner with the environment.
We are about creating memorable place making.

Our design philosophy stems from a desire to support the lifestyle of each individual client.
Through Melanie’s education in interior design and marketing strategy as well as her experience in consulting and sales, Melanie has developed keen ability to utilize her intuition to intimately connect with others, creatively problem solve to accommodate their individual needs, and then ultimately turn the insights that emerge into a beautifully designed space.

Each project is a collaborative process, grounded in understanding a client’s specific interests and concerns, as well as the unique aesthetic identity and objective of the project.

Melanie Gowen Design provides a comprehensive service, encompassing all aspects of design and installation from project management to interiors and layout; we will even supply your cutlery.

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